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Who We Are

Napko polishe are more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle with a worldwide following. Driven by adventure, a passion for shine, and a love for the road ahead, we welcome any and all who share this passion to become part of our family.

When we started, we decided to wipe the slate clean and start off fresh with the simple idea to make the best quality chemicals manufactured right here in india to the highest quality standard. Over the years, we have grown into so much more: a huge library of detailing knowledge, a benchmark in the industry, group of friends with one common passion.

What drives us is a passion for make customer happy.  It drives us to innovate, invent, and teach, because to us, success is to build not a company, but a worldwide family whose sum is greater than all of its parts.

 we do more than innovate in the industry, we redefine it. At Napko polishe, we don’t just manufacture the highest quality chemicals here in Coimbatore city,Tamilnadu -india, we specialize in manufacturing unique solutions in an ever-changing industry.

This is the secret formula behind our culture, the special sauce that makes our customers happy.

A Few Words About

Our Team

At Napko polishe, we don’t just have customers, we have a family that we love to help achieve their goal of unmatched shine. We’ve opened our hearts, minds, and passion to all of you- listening, teaching, learning, and growing to become more than a company, but a movement.


Founder – CEO

saravana kumar



Marketing Head


Lead Developer

saravana kumar

production head


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Quality is more important than quantity,Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives

Best Offers

“At the heart of every product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand.”

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